Leave Gaps Between Pickets When Installing A Backyard Fence

Living in a neighborhood without fences in most backyards can make it feel like you are sharing a backyard with all your neighbors. Although you may understand that some advantages come with these spaces being so open, you should not hesitate to install a fence to benefit your family.

While you can choose from all sorts of design details regarding the fence, you should know why prioritizing one with sizable picket gaps is a smart strategy.


By installing a backyard fence, you are going to create a physical barrier between your immediate neighbors. Although this will block out your neighbors, you should not have a problem with socializing, as long as you are leaving enough open space with the pickets. A large and solid fence would make it tough to see each other while outside and will likely reduce communication greatly.

A small gap can still make it challenging to stay in touch with your neighbors because you might have to try extra hard to see them. To learn about how much of a gap to leave, you should work with fencing professionals to test out the gap on sample pieces that they can bring over.


An important detail to consider with your backyard fence is airflow because you may not want to give up the cool and comfortable wind that comes through often. Although a solid fence will not keep air from flowing around your backyard, you will experience a notable decline.

When you commit to designing your fence with picket gaps from one end to the other, you will make it easy to feel the fresh air from anywhere outside.

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you will benefit from these gaps because you will not have to worry about heavy winds knocking down sections or even the entire fence.


While living on a property in which you have desirable views looking at the backyard, you do not have to eliminate them with fence installation. While this feature will inevitably reduce visibility past your property, you can rely on wide picket gaps to make it easy to still enjoy views.

Installing a backyard fence is an addition to your home that you know your family may feel excited about getting. When you consider these reasons for installing a fence with this kind of design, you can look forward to an outcome that will provide both immediate and long-term satisfaction.

For more information about fence installation, contact a local fencing company.