Chain Link Fence Concerns? Solutions for Property Owners

Chain link fencing is the industry standard for commercial buildings, but some property owners have legitimate concerns about this type of fence. The following can help minimize these concerns by providing you with some options for your chain link fencing.

Problem: Bent Bottom Edge

A common complaint about chain link fencing is that anyone can grab the bottom of the chain and bend the fence up sufficiently to squeeze under it, thus destroying the fence and mitigating any security it may have provided.

Solution: Fortunately, there is an easy solution for this problem—a bottom rail. Installing a bottom rail between the fence post and then attaching the fence to the rail makes it nearly impossible to bend the fence upward. The rail is typically made of a metal bar. The chain link is not bolted to the bar, which would make it easy to detach the fence from the rail. Instead, the rail is woven through the bottom row of the chain, which makes it much more difficult for an intruder to work around the rail. The rail will also keep animals from forcing their way under the fence.

Problem: Debris In the Fence

Chain link fences look nice and professional until they get matted with leaves, garbage, and other debris that the wind blows up against them.

Solution: A lot of these issues can be resolved with good groundskeeping practices. For example, leaves along the fence line should be raked up instead of collected with a leaf blower. You can also solve the problem while increasing the attractiveness of the fence by installing a chain link fence screen. Plain screens are an attractive option and they come in a variety of colors. As an alternative, you can have a custom printed screen made that has your company logo or another design that fits in with your brand.

Problem: Lack of Privacy

From a security standpoint, one of the benefits of chain link fencing is that it can be seen through easily, so intruders can lurk around your property in secret. This can also be an issue if you areas where you desire some privacy, such as outdoor break areas or work yards.

Solution: The same screens used to prevent leaf issues can also provide privacy, just make sure to choose an opaque design. Another option is to have chain link privacy slats installed. These are available in a range of colors to complement your property. You can have screens or slats only installed around the area where you desire privacy.

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