3 Mistakes To Avoid When Constructing A Cinder Block Retaining Wall

Cinder blocks are often used in various home improvement projects, including building fences and retaining walls. The blocks offer an inexpensive and durable option for completing projects. If you are planning to build a retaining wall, here are some mistakes to avoid. 

Removing Too Much or Too Little Topsoil

In order to place your cinder blocks, you will need to remove some of the topsoil. Removing the topsoil is important for leveling the blocks and ensuring that water is not able to leak past the wall. If you fail to remove enough topsoil, it will not be level. Alternatively, if you remove too little, the blocks will be unstable, which could result in the blocks toppling over.  

Ideally, your blocks should be level on the ground with the surrounding land levels. For instance, if your blocks will be near the edge of the driveway, ensure they are lined up with the bottom surface of the driveway.  

Improperly Reinforcing the Wall

The cinder blocks of your wall need to be properly reinforced to keep them from toppling over as water and other debris build up behind them. Reinforcing the wall can be challenging, but it is necessary to properly preparing your wall. 

One method you can use to reinforce your wall is to use concrete to fill the base. The concrete filling can be shored up with the help of rebar. Using rebar takes time and effort because it can be difficult to manipulate the rebar at the corners. However, it is important to do so. If it is not, the wall could separate once pressure is applied from the water and debris, which could result in it toppling. 

Not Providing Enough Drainage 

At some point, the water that builds up behind your wall needs to drain out. If the drainage is not properly planned and constructed, the water can put significant pressure on your retaining wall.  

Adding drainage could be as simple as including weep drains in your design. If you are reluctant to include too many weep drains to the wall due to the cosmetics of it, you can consider regrading the ground behind the wall so that the water cannot pool up and push the wall.  

There are other mistakes need to be aware ofl when building a retaining wall with cinder blocks. To avoid those mistakes and ensure your wall is built properly, work with a fence contractor like Harrington & Company.