Reduce Costs For Fencing Installation With 4 Tips

Installing fencing around your property may have been a long awaited project of yours, but you may have been hesitant to get started due to concerns over costs. Since fencing can cost anywhere between $20 to $29 per linear foot, saving money in a variety of ways can help make this project more attainable and allow you to get the privacy your backyard deserves. Instead of immediately jumping in by visiting a fencing contractor, consider the following four tips for getting fencing installed for cheap.

Prep Your Yard Ahead of Time

While you can certainly leave all the prep work to the fencing contractor, they will likely charge you for any digging or flattening they will need to do. An easy way to reduce costs is by spending a few days landscaping outside so that the fencing can be installed without any delays due to yard work. Digging out plants, removing grass, and even checking for sprinkler heads can all help make the task of getting offended installed easier.

Consider Buying Used Wood

One of the biggest expenses when getting a fence installed is the cost of the wood itself. An easy way to reduce costs for the wood is by simply looking for used wood left over from another person fencing project. While it can be a challenge to find enough wood for your property, it can help cut costs significantly since some sellers may be willing to let go of practically new wood for much cheaper than retail costs.

Handle the Painting or Staining Yourself

To save the most money, you can opt for wood that is relatively untreated or unfinished. Applying the staining yourself or even adding a coat of paint to the unfinished wood can give it the look you want, without the high cost of buying fencing that is already finished.

The freedom of being able to paint the fencing however you like also makes this a smart idea.

Limit How Much Fencing is Installed

If your priority is to get fencing installed for security reasons, you may want to limit how just much fencing you should buy. By only fencing in the backyard and skipping the sides of your home, you can reduce costs and still gain the security you want.

Taking your time to plan out the design of your fencing and what can be done to save money should help make a big difference in the final results. By checking out the costs for wood and the finishing you want, you will be able to install fencing on your property without spending a fortune. Contact a local fencing company, like Hinesville Fence, for more information.