How To Install Wooden Fence Posts

Horse fences need to be strong and reliable. Wood is the most used material for fence posts because of its durability and affordability. Of course, you can't just use any old wood for strong fence posts. You need to use a tempered lumber that is water resistant. Redwood and cedar are two popular species because they are aesthetically pleasing and durable. However, wooden posts need to be correctly installed if they are to be long-lasting and stable. This article explains the best way to install wooden posts for horse fences.

Digging the Post Holes

Digging the holes for the posts is the most physically taxing part of the job. You want to plan out your digging so you don't waste your time and effort digging holes that are too deep and too wide. A nice rule to follow is to dig your hole so it it 1/3 of the total height of the post. So, if you have a 9' post, 3' should be in the soil, leaving you with a 6' tall fence. It is possible to install you post directly into the soil, but it will be stronger if you use concrete for the footing. When pouring concrete footing, you should dig a slightly wider hole.

Using a post digger is one of the best ways to dig the hole. You will also need to tamp the bottom and sides of the holes before adding concrete. Since you probably don't own a dirt tamper, you will just need to use the back of the shovel.Tamping the sidewalls will make them strong and prevent crumbling of the soil as you are pouring the concrete.

Pouring and Mixing the Concrete

The key to pouring concrete post footings is to not mix the concrete before pouring. Instead, you pour the recommended amounts of water and mixture into the hole. First, place the post in the center of the hole. It is easier to have 2 people doing this task. One person holds the fence in place, holding a level along the post to make sure it stays level. The other worker pours the concrete mixture and water into the hole. With a concrete or paint mixing stick, you can stir up the concrete, all the while holding the post in place. You can then cover the top of the concrete footing with soil to make it invisible.

This is definitely the best way to install stable horse fence posts.