Why A Vinyl Privacy Fence Makes A Good Dog Fence

If you've decided to get a new dog, one important thing you need to do is fence your backyard so your dog can roam freely while staying safe. Some common fencing materials are chain link, wood, and vinyl. Each one has its own advantages, but you may find a vinyl privacy fence to be ideal for keeping your dog in the yard. Here's why.

Blocks Out Surroundings

A vinyl privacy fence is probably a better choice than a chain link fence because it blocks your neighbors from view. If your dog can't see your neighbors moving around or see squirrels running on the other side of the fence, it may cut down on agitation and barking. A white vinyl fence creates a visual barrier that marks your dog's territory. Your dog can rule the backyard without being teased by neighbor kids or taunted by bicycles and cars since they are out of sight and out of mind.

Vinyl Is Durable

Vinyl is probably the best fencing material if you don't want to spend much time on fence maintenance. Wood gradually deteriorates over time due to aging, insects, rain, wind, and UV damage. When the wood gets weak, it is easy for your dog to knock down the fence or chew through it. Splintered wood can even pose a health hazard for your dog since a wood shard could poke an eye or pierce the skin.

Vinyl doesn't break down like wood does. You don't have to worry about a weak board in the fence giving way when your dog jumps against it when chasing a ball. A gap in the fence or a broken section of board could be all the encouragement your dog needs to start chewing and digging at the fence to make the gap big enough to make an escape. Because vinyl is so durable, it needs very little maintenance. You can wash it with a power washer if it gets dirty, but other than that, it won't need many repairs. Scratches don't show, even on colored vinyl, since the dye goes all the way through the vinyl instead of being just a top coat. Plus, there is no worry of rust or insect damage with vinyl.

Vinyl Is Versatile

A vinyl fence is a good dog fence, but it is also a good family fence and it can enhance your property too. These fences are available in different colors and styles. You'll probably want a solid privacy fence when you have a dog, but you can add different styles of toppers to give your fence interesting visual appeal. Plus, if you have a big dog that can jump pretty high, a lattice topper will add extra height to the fence so your dog can't jump out. Even a plain white fence can be an attractive addition to your yard since it offers a nice background against colorful flowers and green plants.

No matter what kind of dog you have, big or small, a vinyl fence from a company like Allied Fence of Tampa Bay is a good option to consider. Your dog will have the freedom to run around the yard, and you'll have peace of mind knowing the fence is sturdy and secure.