Which Type Of Privacy Fence Should You Choose For Your Home?

"Good fences make good neighbors," quipped Robert Frost. Privacy fences don't only help preserve your background solitude, but can act as a great background for your landscaping, help contain and protect your children and pets and keep out trespassers. However, not all fence materials are created alike. Each has its own distinct benefits and challenges. It's wise to weigh the pluses and minuses of each before making your final decision.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of residential fences

1. Wood fences. Wood fences give a warm, natural look to virtually any style of house. In addition, this type of fence is very versatile, ranging in design from stockage-style fencing to split rail fencing. However, as beautiful as they can be, wood fences are subject to insect and water damage and are prone to rotting at the soil line. They can also be blown over more easily than other types of fencing.

2. Vinyl fences. Vinyl mimics the look of wood without many of wood's inherent disadvantages. Water glides right off of vinyl, and insects want nothing to do with it. In addition, it offers a sleek, uniform look. However, vinyl is usually more expensive than wood, and it can harbor mildew.

3. Chain link fences. Though generally less attractive than wood, chain link is one of the most affordable types of fencing and can help you get a fence up to contain your dog without waiting to save money for a more expensive fence. Chain link can be made to look more attractive by painting it and by opting for decorative slats that make it more opaque. Chain link fencing is easy to install. However, it can be subject to rust and corrosion.

4. Aluminum fences. Aluminum fencing gives the elegant look of wrought iron fencing at a fraction of the cost. Unlike iron or wood fencing, aluminum fencing is finished with a powder coating that fuses the color and finish to the metal. That means it rarely, if ever, will need to be re-painted. The primary disadvantage to aluminum fencing is its initial cost. However, that expense will be diffused somewhat by its low maintenance costs and its long lifespan.

There's no one right kind of fence for every household. The best type of fence for your family is the one that best suits your budget, the design of your house and your lifestyle. To make sure that you end up with a privacy fence that your family will be happy with for years to come, take time to evaluate the pros and cons of each type of fencing before your make a decision.

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