How To Maintain Wooden Fences

When it comes to giving your home that traditional American look, there is nothing more iconic than the white picket fence. Of course, the white picket fence will look much more authentic if it is made out of wood. However, wooden fences are not the easiest to maintain. If they're not properly cared for, they will not last very long before the elements start to wear them down. This article will explain what you will need to do to maintain your wooden fence. If you're not willing to take these maintenance steps, you should invest in a synthetic material like plastic, vinyl or fiber glass.

Keeping Water Off of Wood

Of course, keeping water off of your wooden fence is going to be impossible. But, you need to do your best to keep your fence is dry as possible. You can control how wet your fence gets by making sure your sprinklers are not constantly spraying against it. Most importantly, make sure that the support posts that hold up the actual fence are not right next to a sprinkler. If the posts get water damage, the weight of the pickets will be too much for the post to support.

Keeping Wood Sealed

Since your fence is bound to get wet the matter what you do, you need to make it as waterproof as possible. Most paint companies make exterior paints that are specifically made to waterproof wood. They are usually used on decks and rooflines, but they're also ideal for exterior fences. These paints are quite thick and almost have a rubbery feel. This extra thickness helps coat the wood and protect it from water.

Overtime, no matter how strong of paint you use, your fence will need to be resealed and repainted. This helps protect the wood not only from moisture, but also from termites. Before you apply any paint to your white picket fence, check it for any holes. You should patch all the holes with thick wood putty before you do any painting. It is also good idea to make sure the holes are not bigger than they appear from the outside. Probe the whole with a screwdriver and flashlight to make sure it is not termite damage.

If you constantly reseal and repaint your white picket fence, you probably don't need to worry about termite or water damage. The key is to patch and paint over any holes, dents or scratches as soon as you notice them. You can also talk to different fencing contractors, like Lindsey Fence Co, about maintenance programs or other tips to maintain your fence. Your fence will look great and last a long time with a little bit of care and attention.