Four Things That You Will Need To Do Before You Can Have Your Aluminum Fence Installed

If you want to have a new fence installed for your home, an aluminum fence is a great choice. There are some things that you will need to do before you can have a fence installed, such as check with local regulations, mark the location of your fence and prepare the area where it is going to be installed. If you are ready to have a new fence installed, here are some things that you will need to do before you install your aluminum fence:

1. Checking Fence Requirements And Easements

When installing a fence for your home, you will need to check with the local regulations in your area. There may be limits to the height of your fence as well as other requirements if it is to enclose a pool area. For your property, there may be easements, which means that the fence will need to be a certain distance from the property line.

2. Marking Off The Location Of Your Fence And Gates

Once you know what you are required to do for your fence, you will need to mark of the location of the fence. You can use landscaping spray paint to mark a dotted line where the fence goes. You may also want to mark the location of gates and mark off where you will want to have the posts set for your fence.

3. Clearing The Fence Area Of Any Plants And Debris

Another thing that you may need to do is clear the area where the fence is going to go. If any equipment is going to be used, you will want to be sure that the fence line can easily be accessed. You may also want to remove any debris like plants and trees that will be near your fence to make installation of your new fence easier.

4. Mark The Location Of Any Mechanicals And Utilities

Before you have your fence installed, you will also want to mark off any utilities. The utility services will mark off things like barrier pipes and power lines. You may be responsible to mark off things like well and septic services, but there are surveying services that can help you mark off these things before you start installing your fence.

These are some things that you will need to have done before you can install your aluminum fence. If you are ready to have a new fence installed for your home, contact an aluminum fence contractor to get the help you need with the installation.