Common Wooden Fence Staining Questions Answered

There is a tremendous variety of fence styles that homeowners can choose to install on their property, but this is an area where many homeowners have limited expertise. As a result, they may not fully understand the steps and considerations that must be taken to ensure their wood fencing doesn't face major problems. When it comes to staining, however, a thorough understanding of the following two basic questions will help you be a more responsible fence owner.

Why Should You Check With The Homeowner's Association Before Staining The Fence?

It may seem odd that you would need to check with the homeowner's association before you stain the fence, but this simple step can save you from having to stain the fence again and pay an expensive fine. These threats stem from the fact that homeowner's associations have the ability to issue strict rules governing the color of fences, and if your fence is out of compliance, you can face expensive fines. 

Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by simply contacting this association prior to starting work. Upon request, these organizations can provide documents detailing the allowed colors for fencing. 

What Should You Do To Prepare Your Fence To Receive A Staining? 

Prior to starting the staining process, it is vital for you to properly prepare the fence for this type of work. In particular, this means performing a thorough power washing of the entire fence and a close visual inspection. The power washing will remove any mold or mildew that has bonded to the surface of the wood, and if you apply a stain before removing these materials, the stain may not fully absorb into the wood. 

Also, the visual inspection is vital for locating instances of rot developing. When rot is present on a fence, it is essential to replace the piece of wood that has become rotted. Failure to perform this type of repair will allow the problem to spread to healthy pieces of wood, and this can lead to major repair bills for your fence. However, catching these problems before they have a chance to develop is essential for keeping your fence looking great and keeping maintenance costs low. 

Ensuring that your wooden fence stays in great condition is essential for maintaining both the value and appearance of the property. By understanding these answers to routine fence maintenance questions, you will be in a better position to make sure that you avoid routine problems during this type of work. Talk with a professional fencing company, like City Wide Fence Co, for more help installing, maintaining and staining your fence.