How To Properly Maintain A Wood Fence

Wood fences from contractors like Buyrningwood Farm Inc lend your backyard a natural, classic aesthetic. Wood is also fairly inexpensive, and it's no surprise that wood fencing is the most common type of fence material on the market. However, wood has a few downsides, including its susceptibility to rot and mold. Thankfully, it is possible, through proper maintenance, to extend the lifespan of your wood fence and prevent it from becoming damaged due to weather exposure.

  • Avoid Water: Wood that has been exposed to water will begin to rot, even if it is naturally rot resistant or pressure treated. If enough water gets on the wood, it will begin to decay. Keep your sprinklers away from the fence, and avoid using excessive amounts of water to wash the dirt off of it.
  • Remove Plant Growth: Fences that have trees and bushes growing right up against them are more likely to begin to rot, as these plants will insulate the fence, keeping it cool and damp. These conditions are perfect for rot and mildew growth to develop in, so trimming your plant growth around your fences can help reduce the likelihood of your fence beginning to decay. 
  • Clean Regularly: Dirt and other grime that builds up on fences can retain water and cause structural damage to a wooden fence. Removing such debris can be difficult, and doing so without water is almost impossible. Thus, the best course of action would be to use a pressure washer during a very hot day, as the water used to clean off the fence will evaporate in the heat before it can do any damage.
  • Reseal: Wooden fences that are not pressure treated need to be resealed every two years. These sealants can come in the form of stains, which can be used to modify the appearance of a wooden fence to match your home, or as simple sealants that do nothing but keep rot out. These sealants are applied in a thin coat, much like paint, and are available at most hardware stores.
  • Repairs: Damaged pieces of wood should be replaced as quickly as possible. Wood fencing panels that have broken expose the unsealed, untreated interior of the wood, which can quickly succumb to rot. Once a single panel has rot in it, it can quickly spread to other panels in your fence, which can damage the entire structure. By replacing the broken panel as soon as it's noticed, you save yourself from larger repairs (and their commensurate larger bills). Fence panels are available at most hardware stores.