How to Add a Gate to an Existing Fence

If you already have a wooden fence, but you feel that you would like to add a new way to enter, you can fortunately add a gate to an existing fence. The best way is to hire a contractor specializing in gates, but it is also possible to do it yourself.

Choose the Right Spot

You will need to take out posts so that you can add the new gate. However, you will not be able to take out the main post because this is cemented to the ground and doing so will remove support for your fence. Identify which posts are the main posts and then rule these out as sites for a new fence.

Remove the Old Portion of the Fence

Simply create an opening for your new gate by using a portable saw to cut through the existing section of the fence that you will remove. Cut at a 50- or 60-degree angle to make sure that the fence doesn't bind when opened or closed. Then, carefully lower the section of the fence that you have just cut down. You will be able to turn this section into your new gate.

Prepare the Gate

The removed section will need to be reinforced with bracing to make sure that the gate does not sag. This can be achieved by placing boards on the top and bottom of the gate. These boards should be made from hardwood because hardwood is less likely to sag. After the two horizontal boards are added, a third diagonal board should be added that touches both the top and bottom boards.

Attach the Gate

To attach the gate to the fence, you will need a hinge. The hinges that you purchase will provide you with instructions on how to attach the hinges to the gate post. This will usually involve using an electric drill to drill screws through one part of the hinge. Then, the second part of the hinge is attached to the plank. To make sure that the gate is level while you attach it, place a piece of wood on the ground that you can place the gate on top of. Then, have someone hold the gate while you secure the hinges.

Add the Finishing Touches

After all of the hinges have been attached, test the gate to make sure that it swings back and forth properly. To make the rest of the gate match to the fence, stain the gate. Alternatively, give the fence and gate a fresh paint job. For assistance, talk to a professional like Morris Fence Co.