Reasons For Beginning Ranchers To Choose Chain Link Fencing

Do you own a large piece of untamed land? Are you considering raising livestock on your land for fun or profit? Here are some reasons to choose chain link fencing:

Can't be eaten: Unlike a wooden fence, chain link fencing can't be eaten by your animals. Wooden fences can quickly become damaged by bored or hungry animals. While a few livestock may give the fencing curious nibbles every now and then, they aren't going to damage the fencing with this action. 

Won't rot: If you live in a humid climate or a climate where it rains frequently, you may have had wooden fences rot relatively quickly. Fortunately, sturdy chain link fencing will be able to last for many years. Although you may eventually notice rusting on your fence, it is usually many years before the rust is able to even partially compromise your fence. This is probably much longer than a wooden fence would last after the first appearance of rot.

Inexpensive: Depending on the area that you're fencing in, chain link fencing can be much less expensive than a wood plank fence. You should factor in the initial cost of the fence itself and also the labor involved in the installation. You should also consider the total lifetime of a chain link fence when compared to a wooden fence. You may need to replace a wooden fence at least two or three times before you would have to replace a chain link fence. 

Quick to install: If you install a wooden fence, the process could take days. After the fence posts have been put in, you need to put up potentially hundreds of planks and crosspieces. In contrast, long lengths of chain link fencing can be installed in a single afternoon. If you have an extremely large piece of land, it may still take you a few days to put the fencing up. However, if you were erecting wooden fences, it could take you multiple weeks to complete the job.

Allows inspection of livestock: Unlike other fencing types, chain link fencing won't obscure your view of your livestock. If you live in an area where predators might try to attack your livestock, being able to see clearly can mean that you're better able to protect your animals. It can also help you to keep an eye on livestock you think might be sick or injured, allowing you to confirm your diagnosis. For more information, talk to a company like Isaac Fence & Masonry.